Member Benefits

Working together, we know that we can build better workplaces, stronger communities and a fairer society that we can be proud to pass on to future generations of Australians.

Your HSUWA union membership pays for itself as we provide a range of direct benefits to our members, including:

Journey Cover

Journey Cover protects you from loss of pay if you are injured in an accident going to or from work. Journey Cover pays you up to 85% of your income while you are off work, and if you choose to use your own sick leave, Journey Cover pays you on top of your sick leave pay. Read more.

Indemnity Insurance

The HSUWA professional indemnity insurance covers all members for up to $20 million. 
Indemnity insurance protects you from claims of breaching your professional duty because of negligent act, error or omission relating to your work. Your employer's indemnity insurance arrangements usually cover you, but it does not cover you for the legal costs and expenses that may be incurred with any disciplinary matters. Read more.

Bereavement Benefit Fund

Financial stress often adds to the physical and mental trauma people can experience when they are hit with a loved one's death in the family. Sometimes, bank accounts can be frozen, and families are forced to scrape through for several weeks until money becomes available in those accounts. The HSUWA aims to alleviate any immediate financial difficulties by providing a Bereavement Benefit Fund of $5,000 for our members. Read more.

Legal Assistance

HSUWA has an arrangement with a leading law firm, Slater & Gordon, to ensure that our members get easier access to legal advice and representation. Referrals to Slater & Gordon Lawyers are available to members for a variety of services which include: 

  • Workers’ compensation
  • Wills, probate and estate planning
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Public liability
  • Medical law
  • Family law
  • Commercial and general law

Members may be eligible to receive their first consultation free of charge, plus discounted fees and/or a No Win No Fee* arrangement. Please note that the eligibility for these benefits depends on the type of legal services requested. Read more.


As a member, you can access hundreds of discounts on computers, electrical, furniture and groceries with ShopRite. ShopRite also provides extra savings at more than 40 retailers, including Coles, Woolworths, Myer, SuperCheap Auto, Rebel, BCF and Harvey Norman, when you purchase discounted gift cards online! 

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