HSUWA Rules Summary

The HSUWA is a trade union registered under the Western Australian Industrial Relations Act.

The following is a summary of the principle Rules of the Union. This summary is prepared for the benefit of members and intending members. A complete authorised copy of the Rules is available in the link below.


Membership of the Union is restricted to salaried officers engaged in Professional, Administrative, Supervisory, Technical or Clerical capacities employed by any public or private hospital and any non-Government medico-ancillary service.


The primary objects of the Union are to obtain the best possible conditions for members, including the right of appeal, by any lawful means and shall include entering into negotiations with employers or applying to Industrial Tribunals to effect industrial agreements to regulate conditions under which members of the Union shall be employed.


The Union is governed by a Committee of Management, consisting of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and nine (9) Committee Members.

Except for the Secretary, the Committee of Management are elected.


The Committee of Management meets at least quarterly. The Annual General Meeting is held in December of each year, and additional General Meetings may be convened if required.


An Auditor, who is required to be a duly qualified Public Accountant, is appointed from year to year by the Annual General Meeting.


A General Meeting of the Union sets subscriptions.


While written notice of resignation is required, any member who is unfinancial for three months or more is deemed to have resigned unless the union has received notice to the contrary.


This is a summary only. Members can obtain a complete copy of the HSUWA Rules here.

A copy of the Rules of the Health Services Union WA Branch (the national union) can be found here

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