WA Health Union Agreement 2020 for Public Sector Members

The WA Health - HSUWA - PACTS - Industrial Agreement 2020 (Union Agreement 2020) was registered by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission on 30 December 2020.

This new Agreement improves the pay and conditions that have been fought for and achieved by union members, over decades in Western Australia under Union Agreements.

Thousands of people across the WA health system will enjoy the benefits of the pay and conditions set out under your public sector Union Agreement 2020. We always seek to do better, grow bigger and stronger but we can only do this through strong membership. 

If you have a friend or colleague who is not a member, talk to them about our union and why they should join.

Read all about your Union Agreement:

  • Registered Union Agreement 2020
  • Summary of Changes (including clause numbers)
  • Salary Table including fortnightly and hourly pay rates from 1 July 2020
  • Salary Table including fortnightly and hourly pay rates from 1 July 2021
  • Backpay will be paid either 4 March (under the Alesco payroll system) or 18 March (under the Lattice payroll system) 

Key Terms won in the new Agreement (replacing the 2018 Agreement):

  • $1000 pay increase from 1 July 2020 (back paid) and $1000 from 1 July 2021. (Flat dollar amount that will be pro-rata for part-time employees).
  • Casual Loading increase to 22% and then 25%.
  • Superannuation on unpaid Parental Leave (up to 12 weeks)
  • Review the process for employees on Fixed Term Contracts and Casuals after two years of employment for permanency
  • Better rights regarding Flexible Work Arrangements, Workload Management and Safe Rostering
  • Two-year Agreement term from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2022
  • No loss of entitlements or conditions

Have a question? Talk to your Union Rep or call the union on 9328 5155 or email at union@hsuwa.com.au.

We are now in negotiations for the 2022 Agreement for Public Sector Members. You can review the Log of Claims here.

Remember, being a union member helps makes your union stronger.  

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