Close up of a health care worker holding a palliative care patient's hand.

The HSUWA bargaining committee has concluded negotiations with Bethesda Health Care.

Members have won some significant claims including:

  • Backpay to 1 January 2024.
  • Overtime to be paid on time worked above 10 hours on a10 hour shift.
  • Overtime to be paid a double time and a half on a public holiday.
  • A lead apron allowance to be paid at $2.35 per hour for those staff required to wear one.
  • Delegate rights including paid Delegate training leave.

Congratulations to these Members for securing these claims. The employer will now finalise a draft of the Agreement for HSUWA to review and then it will put out to vote. Members at Bethesda should keep an eye on your email inboxes for further updates.

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