FSH Allied Health changes

Friday 17 Nov 2017

In August we advised members about problems with the proposed changes to organisational structures for Allied Health at Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group. The background can be read here.

Following the recent review process a new organizational structure has been adopted by FSFHG management and endorsed by the Executive, which you can view here. This aligns with most other Allied Health departmental models used at other health services.

The union have received a lot of feedback and questions on how FSH propose to implement the new structure, how the interim appointment process will work , when it will occur , and how and when permanent appointments will be made. The hospital are working quickly to establish an interim structure and appoint temporary chiefs and deputies while HSS work on the classifications.

There is likely to be some upheaval and dislocation as the new structures are applied, and continued uncertainty for those employed on fixed term contracts.  The union is liaising closely with FSH management to try and minimise the disruption for members.

Members at FSFHG have shown significant resolve, commitment and dedication to achieving an organisational structure which seems to reasonably balance the needs of patients, Allied Health professionals and the health service.  There has been overwhelming support of members at mass meetings, through the union’s survey, and the endorsement of the proposed model through the review process. Implementation of these changes will no doubt be challenging but we will continue to work with members to realise the potential and opportunities that these changes may bring.

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