Members working at Australian Clinical Labs are preparing to vote ‘NO’ for the proposed Agreement sent out by their employer. The vote is open from Thursday, 9am 4 July 2024 and will close at 5pm Wednesday, 10 July 2024.

Australian Clinical Labs have failed to provide:

  • A decent and equitable pay offer
  • Under the current offer, a significant portion of ACL employees will only receive pay increases that will keep them in line with the legal minimum that ACL must pay their employees.
  • Improved conditions
  • ACL said no to an overwhelming majority of claims to improve conditions and safety in the workplace.
  • Any acknowledgement of additional skills and duties
  • ACL has denied claims to acknowledge additional skills and duties. Members should be paid more for their expertise and the extra work they do.

Members have been campaigning since February this year. A ‘NO’ vote to this poor offer will send the message loud and clear – that staff demand fairness and respect from the employer. Solidarity to the HSUWA Members in Private Pathology who are Standing Up!

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