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Members at Clinical Laboratories stand up for their rights to be paid for duties required by the employer.

Members at Clinical Laboratories (ACL) raised concerns that the company required staff to perform 15 minutes of pre-start duties at hospital locations. Consequently, a union claim item in bargaining for a new Union Agreement requires that the company confirm that all work directed by the employer be done on paid time.

During recent negotiations, the employer rejected the assertion that any employees were required to perform unpaid pre-start duties. However, Members on the HSUWA Bargaining Committee provided evidence from recent ACL “Education Sessions” that this unpaid work was required.

This week ACL sent out an email to all staff confirming that they do not have to undertake work for the employer that is unpaid. Further, rosters at some sites are being changed so that staff now have their 15 minutes of pre-start duties rostered within paid time. Your union continues to investigate the rollout at other locations. We now look forward to the claim item being accepted.

Congratulations to ACL Members!

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