HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae addresses a huge crowd of HSUWA, UWU and Public Sector Alliance Members at the QEII Stop Work Meeting.

Welcome to 2024! It’s going to be a huge year for Members with negotiations for new Union Agreements kicking off for the public sector, as well as Western Diagnostic Pathology, Australian Clinical Labs, St John of God and Ramsay Health Care.

As union members, we believe in making positive change through our collective power and voice. We celebrate all wins that benefit Members, regardless of whether they impact us directly – because we achieve more by lifting each other up.

This year we will stand united – to win great outcomes for HSUWA Members.

Because we are a growing, united union, in late 2023 the HSUWA Committee of Management voted against an increase to union contributions, keeping fees the same. This was endorsed at the AGM, and we hope this is welcome news for all Members.

This means that HSUWA Union Contributions did not increase in the years 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023 and now 2024.

(There was a 1% increase applied in 2021 only – the only change in 6 years.)

HSUWA is committed to keeping Member contributions as low as possible while maintaining a strong and powerful voice for Members. Let’s keep growing!

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