A Vote No campaign image with the text: "Vote No. Stand up for higher wages & better conditions for MITs at Apex Radiology."

Members working as Radiographers for Apex Radiology are preparing to vote ‘NO’ for the proposed Agreement sent out by their employer on Thursday, 7 March.

The current Offer from Apex Radiology fails to address attraction and retention issues and adequately value the skilled professionals that support their business.

Apex Radiology are:

  • proposing pay increases below CPI;
  • providing no clarity on classification level progression under a revised structure;
  • proposing an unreasonable pathway to receive a 5th week of annual leave for shift workers which includes having to work 29 Sundays and public holidays. This will be unachievable for the majority if not all, shift workers,
  • attempting to introduce a night shift allowance that only applies for a shift starting after 11pm instead of Members’ claim of 6pm, which captures all night shift workers across Apex sites and better aligns with industry standards.

Members have been getting active across Peel, Bunbury and Busselton to advocate for a better deal. Solidarity with these Members!

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