The group of shift workers from Armadale Hospital who uncovered the underpayment stand together smiling.

Last year, HSUWA Members at Armadale Hospital uncovered widespread underpayment of shift workers who worked overtime in public health.

As a result of union Members standing up to demand pay of their due entitlements, about 3,000 current and former employees will be back paid some entitlements (on average around $160). Due to union advocacy, the Department of Health agreed to investigate back pay going back 10 years.

HSS has advised they will be notifying affected employees through until April, with pay to be processed by 30 June 2024.

Whilst Members will finally get their due entitlements, we are concerned that the Department of Health has interpreted clause 18.6 of the Union Agreement to exclude shift penalties from the calculation of overtime for standalone overtime shifts. Your union is investigating the next steps it can take in relation to this; however, any action will be taken after the initial back payment to prevent further delay of this payment.

HSS has released an FAQ sheet you can access here.

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