HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae and Anaesthetic Technician, Roy, speak to the media with Anaesthetic Technicians in blue scrubs standing behind them.

Anaesthetic Technicians are calling on the State Government to deliver pay equity and sensible, long
overdue improvements to their career structure to retain highly skilled and experienced technicians in
public health.

The budget announcement today of investment in public health services is very welcome. However,
without any investment directed at supporting and retaining the workforce, there won’t be enough
experienced health workers to deliver them.

Anaesthetic Technicians, are a small but critical part of our public health workforce. Their expertise is airway
management. They are equipment specialists who assist Anaesthetists in operating theatres.

These dedicated workers operate in a very specialised field, often invisible to patients but critical to their care.
Surgery under general anaesthetic cannot be undertaken in WA public hospitals without an Anaesthetic
Technician present.

HSUWA Members submitted their Log of Claims of 20 items to WA Health nearly six months ago and are
seeking an Offer without delay from the State Government. The Anaethtiec Technicians pay structure claim is
one of the 20 claims and came after Union Members spent two years trying to resolve pay equity issues with
WA Health.

HSUWA Members have put up with suppressed wages and seen their standard of living go backwards while
responding to challenging and difficult circumstances throughout the pandemic. Members are saying enough is

There is no longer any patience from HSUWA Members to put up with deferral and delay to basic and important
workforce reform in public health. Anaesthetic Technicians have submitted Pledge Cards outlining their intent to
take action if needed, to win their claim.

HSUWA Members will Stand Up for more rewarding careers to support the needs of the WA Health system and
the community on the steps of State Parliament today.

Quotes attributable to HSUWA Secretary Naomi McCrae:
“Anaesthetic Technicians are a critical part of the health workforce, vital to surgeries, and they cannot continue
to be overlooked.”

“Our Members are calling for fair and important workforce reforms to retain experienced and skilled workers.
Filling vacancies by flying in workers from overseas is not the solution, but it’s the only idea they ever seem to
have. The solution is right in front of us – just support the workforce and build career pathways so we keep
experienced and skilled staff in public health.”

HSUWA is a growing Union of thousands of trusted and respected health professionals who provide
critical clinical, administrative, and technical expertise across WA’s public and private health services.
Members work across all of Allied Health, Pharmacy, Pathology and Medical Imaging as well as Health
Administration. You can read more about the HSUWA here.

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