A group of HSUWA Delegates and Officials stand together outside the HSUWA offices.

A group of dedicated HSUWA Delegates and Members attended training to prepare to present your claims for improvements to the public sector Union Agreement 2024.

HSUWA Members will present claims in person at the bargaining table to the Department of Health. This is designed to ensure the Department of Health hear directly from Members about the importance of each claim – why it has been made and the improvements it would make for both the workforce and employers.

There are presentation meetings scheduled throughout February as the start of the bargaining process. Each of the four presentation meetings will focus on one of the four themes in your log of claims: Work Hours; Safe Workplaces; Rewarding Careers and Stronger Workforce. We’d like to congratulate and thank the terrific group of 21 Members who are part of the four teams presenting claims. More to come!

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